We help build companies, we help build nations

Metin Mitchell & Company is the leading independent executive search firm for Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Middle East region. In bringing world-class leadership talent to our clients we help build companies, we help build nations.

Leaders in executive search for the Middle East

We work extensively in Saudi Arabia, the rest of the Gulf and wider Middle East region, and in select markets further afield, bringing a global perspective and regional expertise to each engagement. Our clients are some of the most prestigious organisations in Saudi Arabia and the wider Middle East region, as well as global companies investing in our markets.

Executive search for
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With over 30 years in the market, we have deep expertise and knowledge of Middle East-domiciled businesses and the development of industry. We work with national and international organisations, enabling them to grow through high-performing teams and far-sighted boards of directors.

Our Insights

How elite sports practices can help us understand and improve board-level executive performance.
Much of our work as leadership coaches involves helping people adjust to the greater responsibility and scope of senior leadership roles. We often cite the well-known adage coined by Marshall Goldsmith: “what got you here won’t get you there”. One central and recurring issue on this theme is learning to delegate tasks that you could do but that are no longer your job to do. This is, of course, easier said than done.
Most of us have heard of Pavlov and his dog but the wide reaching implications of this work and other behavioural experiments with our furry friends in the early 1900s are still not widely understood even though they govern much of our daily behaviour. “Operant Conditioning” can be a source of mental health and performance problems in today’s technology-enabled world but also a source of happiness and fulfilment if we harness its powers.
Saudi Arabia’s private sector international laggard on Green Initiatives – new research from our Firm shows. • Only a third of large Saudi companies have a Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) vs. 44% in the UAE vs 100% in the USA • The message that CSOs can drive bottom line and top line growth still not received. • CEOs who don’t drive Green Initiatives may soon find themselves sued by their shareholders or, out of a job – if US trends come to the Middle East.
Governments in GCC countries continue to invest in their economies. The ease of doing business is exceptional. Finding the right talent is a different story.
In the context of the global economy, the Middle East has very strong fundamentals. What about the dependence on oil? As Al Pacino says, “We are just warming up…”
Each and every working day of every year, 35,000 different CEOs and C-Suite executives around the world will be contacted confidentially for ‘an exciting opportunity’.
The population of Saudi Arabia is one of the youngest in the world, with dynamic executives in senior roles or in the C-suite in their 30s. This is impressive, but it can create an imbalance between responsibility and experience.
People are imperfect, situations are imperfect, families are imperfect. Family succession requires a gracious understanding of nuance across the generations, the business and its clientele.