Our Expertise

We identify the best leaders for your business in
c-suite and senior management roles, including new
c-suite roles as times evolve, such as chief sustainability officer, chief digital officer, chief risk officer and others.


We work with some of the most prestigious organisations in Saudi Arabia and the wider Middle East region, as well as global companies investing in our markets, in the following sectors:

Diversified conglomerates

We are honoured to serve some of the most prestigious family groups in the region, evaluating leadership and governance needs and identifying the best next generation leaders. Nearly 90 percent of the top 100 family firms are diversified and we work extensively in this field, sharing insight on leadership talent for complex, multi-sector organisations. We provide expertise across all c-suite roles and new ‘chief officer’ positions to serve these impressive legacy businesses.

Financial institutions

As custodians of regional wealth, banks in the GCC depend on world-class leadership. In recent years, the combined assets, profits and market cap of the top 30 banks have grown, with Gulf banks particularly well represented. Financial institutions are among our largest client groups; we draw upon 30 years of expertise, both in the Middle East and Western Europe, helping clients to acquire digital and transformative leadership.


The sector is poised for exponential growth as entrepreneurs, investment funds and private equity investors continue to develop healthcare provision across the region. Growth in healthcare and well-being is also being driven by countries mandating healthcare insurance for all employees. As a major exporter of pharmaceutical products, the region depends on excellence in leadership and governance for on-going economic diversification, particularly in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt.


The Middle East is home to the world’s biggest ever share offering, with Saudi Aramco’s $2 trillion IPO underscoring the region’s industrial stature. While energy companies continue to globalise, at home they are driving buoyant growth in industrial parks, logistics and economic zones, maritime services and marinas. Industrial clients need exceptional leadership capabilities, particularly financial expertise, with the most effective CFOs moving into the role of CEO. 

Luxury Goods

The Middle East is a top destination for luxury consumers seeking prestige and satisfaction. Regional brands are redefining luxury locally and worldwide, blending European and Arab heritage and cultural sensibilities, particularly for multicultural Millennial women. Sustainability is increasingly recognised as young brands promote slow fashion and support local artisanal communities. We are proud to support the evolution of this industry and its impact on global luxury.

Leisure & Hopitality

This sector is in evolutionary, hyper-growth mode. The speed of social change is driving opportunities in outdoor activities, hospitality and leisure, particularly in Saudi Arabia as it promotes itself as a leisure destination. World-class infrastructure and facilities attract global visitors seeking exceptional events and experiences, many highlighted by global sports celebrities. Our multicultural, multigenerational team helps clients to deliver exceptional business outcomes through the right leadership in this fast-moving sector.

Public Sector

People-led and increasingly tech-powered, this sector requires a mindset that delivers outcomes for organisations, stakeholders and communities, with positive and sustainable impact. We have a keen perspective on our clients’ customers, focusing on the ultimate delivery of services in the context of technological disruption, resource scarcity and demographic change. We work in fine detail to help our clients deliver real-life results as the region experiences significant people and tech-led transformation.

Real Estate

Global disruption to the office space market due to remote working and growth in online shopping are driving strategic considerations for site owners and developers. The Middle East is distinguished by megaprojects backed by government, private and semi-government developers, particularly in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE. We are privileged to work with the region’s construction sector as the backbone of the economy and diversification strategy.


Retailers in the GCC, particularly in Saudi Arabia, achieve profits and returns above the global average due to strong economic growth and rising disposable incomes. The sector is both diverse and concentrated, with a small pool of mostly family-owned companies holding the franchises to international brands. We work with this sector as it responds to external events and continues to evolve through digital transformation, and changes in consumer behaviour.


The Middle East is digitally diverse: on one hand, the UAE is home to one of the fastest networks in the world; on the other, large populations are still unconnected. Tech leaders have a challenging and energising opportunity to help digitise economies, delivering socio-economic gains. There is a strong tech element to much of our work, as industries undergo transformation, requiring digital skills among senior executives and board members.


Desalination, decarbonisation, net zero targets, wastewater treatment, green hydrogen, smart grids, energy needs, innovation, health & safety. Leaders face an exceptional set of challenges, while maintaining service and strengthening workforce efficiency. Executives strive to achieve life affirming and life enhancing results as energy security, water security and climate change dominate global debate. We are honoured to support leaders delivering the resources for our day-to-day lives.