In conversation with Middle East business leaders II

In the context of the global economy, the Middle East has very strong fundamentals. What about the dependence on oil? As Al Pacino says, “We are just warming up…”

Executive search done well ensures that talent, potential employees, target employees receive what they deserve in a more professional format.

Executive search companies bring equilibrium to the market, rebalancing the impact of big data analysis, biases or tendencies towards certain angles. There is often bias either from HR staff, owners of companies or even some executive search consultants towards people they know, or people within a limited scope. Executive search done at the most professional level widens the scope and creates equilibrium in the market by linking the right talent to the right opportunity.

Confidential candidate communications are critical in the market, as is making sure that your curriculum vitae is in the hands only of highly reputable professionals, otherwise it can be floated in the market and it looks as if you are searching for a job, or are unhappy or even a little desperate. This harms an executive reputation in one stroke. This is why candidate handling must be second to none, with watertight confidentiality and communication protocols.

Metin can explain an opportunity in ways that resonate with the potential candidate because with his client he has created a well-defined search, he knows what the client needs and what to look for. It’s easy to target successful leaders and try to get them to move job. But successful leaders need a detailed pitch for why they should consider a move when they are already happy and successful in their role.

To sum up, from a client perspective, the right executive search partner can bring great value in:

  1. Addressing bias towards candidates, which is a big issue in the market. In order not to be biased a good sample of candidates is needed.
  2. Professionalism. Some senior leaders have major strengths in building teams, selecting and recruiting talent: be aware of this expertise in partnering with them.
  3. Adding value. Be proud of the talent presented to the company.
  4. Communication. Keeping up momentum and updating the client.
  5. Avoiding conflict of interest that can exist in consultancy: the solution that results in higher fees vs. what is best for my client. The best search firms have a client-centric culture.

I believe in professional firms and Metin has a major role here. He takes a long-term view and he is not opportunistic; he has other opportunities to work on, so he doesn’t try to convince candidates to take a role that may not be right for them.

Metin is persuasive, connected in the market with high profile decision makers, quick and practical.