Questions dynamic young CEOs ask

The population of Saudi Arabia is one of the youngest in the world, with dynamic executives in senior roles or in the C-suite in their 30s. This is impressive, but it can create an imbalance between responsibility and experience.

We work as trusted confidantes, or trusted mentors with many aspiring and high-performing leaders. Tapping into experience gained by others is a smart move and shortens the time spent accumulating wisdom. This is valuable at a time when AI, robotics and data analysis is speeding up the business cycle. So, if you are asking yourself any of the following questions, talk to us, we would be delighted to help you.

  • What are the most important actions of a new CEO?
  • What advisors should I have?
  • Why is everyone talking about talent?
  • How do I plan commercial expansion?
  • How do I lead the relationships with senior colleagues?
  • How do I most effectively manage family colleagues and stakeholders?
  • Am I too impatient?

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