In conversation with Middle East business leaders I

Governments in GCC countries continue to invest in their economies, building and strengthening the digital infrastructure, and using high oil receipts to inject further growth, expediting five-year plans in two to three years. We see change every year, what takes months in other parts of the world, takes just weeks or days, particularly in Saudi. The ease of doing business is exceptional. Finding the right talent is a different story.

Conglomerates, banks, investment managers and other organisations compete for talent with leading brands in the world, particularly in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE. Executive search clients need the very best ambassador they can find to represent them in the market and deliver the right message.

It is frequently said by the King and Crown Prince that Saudi’s main assets are its human capital; a young, dynamic executive population that combines world-class education with global perspectives and cultural intelligence. This population is turbo-charging the development of their nation.

In this environment, how can search firms distinguish one great candidate from another?

The best search consultants have a deep understanding of their client’s organisation, the sector, the market, the economy and the whole dynamic in the region. Through exceptional insight into the region’s economic development, they can identify, define and distinguish leading candidates for their client, differentiating between executives who can get things done and those of a different calibre.

An exceptional search consultant knows how to interpret what they hear, how to explore skills, attitudes, successes, failures, in order to deliver exceptional final candidates to the client. Yes, the final decision is between three outstanding candidates. It’s a ‘tough call’ and an exceptional search consultant will make sure every decision is a fully informed decision.

As a candidate at Metin Mitchell & Company I had such detailed interviews with Metin Mitchell I felt I was being interviewed by the CEO himself. The way he works is totally different to what everyone else does.