MM&Co. offers professional coaching service. It is a process in which our highly experienced coach works with an executive or a team of executives to help them improve their performance or prepare them for future responsibilities.

Coaching can be used in a variety of settings, including business, sports, and personal development. In the business world, coaches may work with executives, managers, and teams to help them improve their leadership skills, communication, relationships, team and stakeholder management and, thereby, overall performance.

The coach serves as a confidential sounding board, a source of feedback and accountability helping the client to build their self awareness and their awareness of impact on others whilst helping them develop strategies and techniques to make improvements

The process of coaching typically begins with an initial assessment, including confidential feedback and psychometrics, and establishing the goals and objectives for the coaching relationship.  The coach then uses a variety of techniques to help the client gain insight into, for example, their key strengths, their thought patterns, behaviour and communication style.  Stakeholder / sponsor engagement and further feedback to measure progress is an integral part of the process.