Metin Mitchell Went Carbon Neutal In 2020

With guidance from Living Business, Metin Mitchel & Co. went carbon neutral in 2020

Serve clients across Asia Central Asia Middle East Africa and Europe

We serve clients across Asia Central Asia, the Middle East Africa and Europe

Build effective leadership and teams

We help you build effective leadership and teams

Extensive business and industry expertise

We have extensive business and industry expertise

Base client relationships on trust ethics and reliability

We base our client relationships on trust, ethics and reliability

Extensive business and industry expertise
Relationships on trust ethics and reliability

HR Consulting

At Metin Mitchell we help various firms with HR Consulting and HR recruitment. We focus on the Executive Board and Senior Executives through highly focused incentivization programs to achieve the company’s short and long term business plans.

In addition to talent recruitment of the best people to lead your business, we also offer a range of HR consulting services to help you reward, retain and optimize your leadership team – and mitigate the risks of losing them – to support a profitable and sustainable business for future generations:

  • C­‐suite support – leadership development and compensation
  • Board committees – corporate governance and remuneration issues
  • Succession planning – identify and mitigate risks
  • Transition Management Services – helping organizations manage their rightsizing plans
  • Localization – identify and develop a quota of key national talent
  • HR review – audit and enhance Human Resources services
  • Leadership assessment – competency and work culture
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executive recruiters
talent acquisition