Metin Mitchell Went Carbon Neutal In 2020

With guidance from Living Business, Metin Mitchel & Co. went carbon neutral in 2020

Serve clients across Asia Central Asia Middle East Africa and Europe

We serve clients across Asia Central Asia, the Middle East Africa and Europe

Build effective leadership and teams

We help you build effective leadership and teams

Extensive business and industry expertise

We have extensive business and industry expertise

Base client relationships on trust ethics and reliability

We base our client relationships on trust, ethics and reliability

Extensive business and industry expertise
Relationships on trust ethics and reliability

Executive Recruitment

Our executive recruitment is all about finding highly effective leaders for your business – whether you are looking for growth or innovation in new products.

We can also advise on how to develop and make the most of this talent. Our firm has an outstanding reputation for identifying and sourcing of board members, CEOs and C-suite executives to meet the specific needs of your business. Metin Mitchell works with businesses throughout the Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East. We also support needs of Africa and Europe regions – including regional business units of multinationals – executive recruitment of both local and international.

Our consultants have their own prior work experience in management and executive positions working for international companies. Our team can relate your business needs and can assess a candidate’s work experience against that requirement.

For each assignment we ensure that you are recruiting from the widest pool of talent

  • We have long-standing candidate relations in the North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and Pacific Rim region. We also work on international basis and have many people who know and trust us
  • Our team carries out active searches to ensure we find up-and-coming talent as well as established executives
  • We have a track record of identifying, attracting and convincing people who are not actively looking for a career change
  • Our work is research based – through extensive target company and candidate research we identify best talent acquisition.

Metin Mitchell and Company are known for our expertise in financial services and diversified family owned conglomerates. In recent years the organizations we work with has broadened and we successfully deliver on assignments for sectors including real estate, industrial, technology, retail, utilities and public sector.

Metin Michell and Company have particular skills in sourcing national and international talent for leadership positions.

Here we take pride in talent acquisition of female talent and supporting the diversity strategies of our clients.

The way we work is based on best practice and we have the highest standards for protecting sensitive and confidential information – both for your business and candidates. Our digital processes keep clients updated on assignment progress. Based on client requests, we use competency and work cultural assessment tools to support the findings about a candidate’s suitability.

With guidance from Living Business, Metin Mitchell & Co is cutting its CO2e emissions by over 60% and going carbon neutral in 2020.

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