Cybersecurity Recruitment & advisory

Is your organization looking for cybersecurity recruitment services? Here at Metin Mitchell we assist teams to hire the best of cybersecurity professionals.

For too long, information technology has operated as a separate part of the business, with leadership and IT teams struggling to understand the language and priorities of each other.

Cybersecurity has now become a critical business risk – not just a technology issue. Businesses have to rethink how they manage cybersecurity – moving it from a technology issue into the C-suite. Businesses now need a new breed of  cybersecurity talent who can talk the language of the boardroom and manage the risks – and opportunities – of the vast amount of information held by organizations. These new leaders also need to influence employee behaviors, creating a culture that understands and respects cybersecurity risks. Most cybersecurity breaches are because employees failed to follow protocols that should protect the business. We have built a cyber practice to support our clients, providing the support to respond to the challenges of the digital economy and cybersecurity risks. Our services address both people and technology issues
  • Cybersecurity recruitment and digital economy talents – we leverage our expertise as executive searchers to identify and recruit this scarce talent
  • Organizational capabilities and readiness assessment related to the cybersecurity function
  • Training to improve cybersecurity understanding and work culture attitudes across the workforce
  • Cyber resilience testing – to identify the vulnerabilities and assess status quo
  • Consulting to build a technical cyber defense strategy
  • Consulting to develop a CISO framework related to cyber security functions and processes, independent from the IT department
  • Periodic third party resilience tests
Our cyber team includes our own consultants who have worked for major technology firms, along with a network of leading cyber technology specialist partners.